The Bottle Bib – Adventure Collection- Gingham Pocket on Royal Blue


The Bottle Bib – Solid – Blue Gingham Holder on Solid Royal Blue

One size fits most!
100% Cotton
Made In USA

From the Tushka K Collection

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Safety and Use:

Keep your baby safe from germs and add a little convenience to your day!  The Bottle Bib holds any size baby bottle and food pouch so baby can be fed hands free for those times when life needs you and so does your baby.  The Bottle Bib holds the bottle in a patented pocket that supports the bottle at an angle and keeps the bottle from falling.  I created this bib when I had a home daycare and two sets of twins at the same time!  This bib can be  machine washed and dried and is very durable.  I used the same bib for over two years without replacing.  The Bottle bib is great for travel, walks, hikes and any outdoor activity.  The bib can be used on any baby who can burp independently: approximately three months and older. Anecdotally we discovered The Bottle Bib actually increases the development of your baby holding his/her own bottle. And once your baby can hold his/her own bottle, The Bottle Bib keeps the bottle or food pouch from falling. No more: reaching into the back seat of the car; wiping off dirty bottles that have fallen to the ground; being late for an appointment because you had to wait and feed your baby; listening to a crying and hungry baby because you just couldn’t feed at that moment.  Go ahead- try The Bottle Bib!  Once you and baby start using it , you will not know how you lived without it– because BABIES DON’T GET HUNGRY JUST WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT.

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